10 commandments to make your crepes the French way

You have the perfect crepe recipe. But you are afraid to struggle with the cooking? Just follow a few rules to enjoy delicious French crêpes.

Here are my 10 commandments for successful crepes every time.

  1. Always fresh ingredients you will choose.
  2. A scale to weigh every ingredient you will use.
  3. To avoid lumps, flour you will sift.
  4. A little bit of beer you will add. (For more fluffy crêpes)
  5. The dough you will let rest. (One hour, to let gluten and starch do their job)
  6. An antihadesive stove you will use.
  7. With a paper towel, you will slightly oil a hot pan.
  8. With a spatula, the edges you will take off (As soon as they start to color)
  9. Carefully the crêpes you will return.
  10. With your friends & family, the crêpes you will share! (this is by far the most important thing!)

Our delicious crêpe recipe is here. Enjoy and have fun!