Chicken Cordon bleu

With all the current food scandals, we try to make all our dishes from scratch.

For some dishes this seems more obvious than others! The homemade chicken cordon bleu is one of the easy-to-make dishes, but you do not always think about it. So, forget the industrial cordon bleu (which has nevertheless rendered us many services!) And realize your own!

But before the recipe of the chicken cord bleu recipe, the story …

Some people still think that the recipe for the cordon bleu would come from a recipe imagined by a ‘cordon bleu’, which made such a success with this dish, that called the recipe with his nick name. But the most plausible explanation concerning the cordon bleu would come from the Milan recipe  » Le cordon bleu  », taken over by industrialists.

At first, Italian cooks used blue ribbons (Cordon bleu in french) to tie the two scallops to each other before adding the ingredients, stuffing and breading. It is probably because of the small pieces of blue rope that the name  » cordon bleu  » was maintained.

Once you have tried this recipe that does not require more than 10 minutes of preparation, you will return to this recipe of home made chicken cordon bleu!

Ingredients for the chicken cordon bleu

  • 4 chicken escalopes
  • 4 slices of ham
  • Gruyère (grated or in pieces)
  • 2 eggs
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Salt, pepper, olive oil

Preparation of the chicken cordon bleu

Cut each chicken escalopes cutlet in the lengthwise direction, salt and pepper. Garnish the inside by placing 1 slice of ham on each escalope then the Gruyère (at your convenience, the goal being of course to be able to close the scallops afterwards). Close by rolling the meat.

In a deep dish, beat the 2 eggs in omelette, then spread the bread crumbs on another plate. Heat a lightly oiled pan over low heat. Pass each of the scallops first in the beaten eggs and then in the bread crumbs. Then cook each cordon bleu about 8 minutes on each side.

Serve with potatoes, that is just perfect!