French club sandwich

It’s time to relax with your family in the countryside.  On these occasions the French club sandwich can make an appearance, which is nothing to blush about, unless it’s with pleasure.

Ingredients for French club sandwich (serves 2 people)

  • 3 slices of wholewheat bread
  • 200 g Fourme d’Ambert blue cheese (or any blue cheese)
  • 200g smoked duck magret, sliced (or turkey)
  • Half a pear
  • 150g salad
  • 5 cherry tomatoes

Preparation of the French club sandwich

  1. Peal and cut the pear into slices. Cut the blue cheese. Wash and cut the cherry tomatoes.

    On the first slice of bread:
  1. Spread out the duck slices, add the sliced pear and the blue cheese. Place a second slice of bread on top.
  2. On the top, add the salad and tomatoes, and add the third slice on top. Cut into triangles.
  3. Take your French club sandwich to work in your lunch box, and make your coworkers jealous!

Et voilà!

Cooking tip:

You can warm your French club sandwich 4/5 minutes in the oven before enjoying it.