Crème brulee From a Paris bistro

Creme brulée, (means burnt cream in French), is a classic dessert from the Parisian bistro. It’s a vanilla custard cream topped with a thin layer of hard caramel. It’s simply delicious !

Preparation: 15 mins Cooking: 35 mins

Ingredients for the authentic French crème brulée

Tools you need for this creme brûlée recipe:

Preparation of the french Crème brûlée

  1. Cut the vanilla bean in 2 lengthways. Break the seeds into the cream. Heat without allowing to boil.
  2. Mix the sugar, the egg yolks and the orange blossom water in a bowl. Mix with the warm cream. Put the mixture into ramekins. Cook in a bain marie in an oven at 160°c (320°F) for 35 minutes.
  3. Just before serving, powder with cane sugar. Caramelise with a torch for cooking. The caramel should be a light brown. Any darker and it will have a bitter taste.

Food fact:

There are numerous variations on the crème brulée. It can be sweet or savory (for instance with foie gras). By using different extracts, you can give it a flavor of orange blossom water, coconut or fruit.

Cooking tools you need to make your French crème brulée

Fun fact about Crème brulée :

Did you know that crème brulée was Amélie Poulain’s favorite dessert ?